by Jeff Laughlin


Caitlin Sullivan knows how you feel. She sells glasses, sure, but she knows how uncomfortable buying them can be. At Oscar Oglethorpe, downtown Greensboro’s newest location for stylish vision correction, she has tried to change the way the process works. “Most glasses shops are clinical and high-pressure. Here, we try to make you feel as comfortable as possible.” Oscar Oglethorpe looks like an art exhibit the way they present hundreds of frames hanging on pipes throughout the store. If customers feel like they have never seen some of the styles before, it is by design. Sullivan orders frames from new-look companies. “We work with primarily small designers so we can price low,” she said. Like any optometrist, there is a doctor on call. “We have someone in one day a week and we try to work with people’s schedules.” Sullivan likes to work with people. It shows. With each pair of glasses a customer tries on, the process continues to change.

226 S. Elm St., Greensboro;