by Jeff Laughlin

Jack Hoskins: JK2 Designs

Normal high school students might describe their lives as tedious. Most high school students are not expecting to make six figures this year. Jack Hoskins’ JK2 Designs started last January as a way for Hoskins to show off his appmaking skills. “We focus mainly on iOS development, but we’ve done a lot with Android apps as well,” Hoskins said. He has worked with several local businesses, but the company’s focus shifted recently to reference-based applications with startling results. “We place in the Top 200 for reference app charts frequently, and we are in the top 1 percent of worldwide downloads. Our apps are downloaded by millions of people and used thousands of times a day.” Noticeable shifts in app purchases spurred him to start a business. “I saw a shift toward mobile devices, so I thought I would get interested in that.” Not a bad business decision for a 15-year-old student whose life might be anything but boring.