by Jeff Laughlin


Kathleen Block solves problems with clay. Her fledgling business, Clay by K-Block, has found her with a diverse clientele with an equally diverse set of problems. The situation is perfect for Block, considering the beginning of her business.

“I’d think of the perfect present for a friend, but it wouldn’t exist. A half-Ferrari, half-dragon split animal, for instance.”

A friend of Block’s introduced her to a way of making clay into wildly imaginative figurines and accessories. She turned it into a series of wedding gifts, touring band accessories and even a claymation video for her favorite band, Senryu.

“It’s the first thing that pops up when you search my name and dinosaurs on YouTube.”

Instead of dropping the ideas into the internet ether, she hits the road.

“Currently, I make merchandise for rapper Li’l Iffy and I am going to Bonnaroo where I will have a large skeleton stag in an auction.”

As her clientele grows, her imagination does too.

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