by Jeff Laughlin


Letisha Joyner could not stand for a crying child on Bus 910. Luckily, she drove students who cared just as much.

“Last year, I had a pre-K student who cried every morning as he got off the bus. Then, one morning, I had a fourth grader open a book and read to him,” Joyner said, “and he never cried again.”

Joyner knew she had something special. “I thought, I have got to implement this on my bus.” Joyner went to Jamestown Elementary School administration and asked to start a program where older children read to younger ones on the way to school. After approval, she gave the students the option of involvement in January.

“I asked who wanted to volunteer in the program.

We started at 11 kids but now we are up to 25,” Joyner said.

Reading Riders runs from Mondays to Thursdays, with optional reading on Fridays. Guilford County Schools named Joyner their employee of the month for May 2013.See more about Joyner in the staff column on page 19.

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