by Jeff Laughlin


Jonathan Butler spends his time at home, but it did not start that way. His wife, Katie, used to stay at home while he attended school.

“We had a plan, but the plan took a hell of a lot longer than we thought,” Butler said.

Two kids will wreak havoc on a plan.

Since his wife got a job designing furniture showrooms after he finished his education, the two decided he would home-school his 6-year-old Kaden until his first-grade year begins in August. He also looks after his 9-year-old, Lily, when she gets home from school. He minced no words about how he handles the kids.

“I’m way better at this and [my wife] knows it. But she was home when they were babies and she handled that better than I could,” he said.

Butler knows he will not be home with his kids forever. Once Kaden goes to school, he will find work. Until then, though, he enjoys his time.

“I think my son wants out more than I do. He wants to go to school. He likes mornings and other kids.”

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