by Jeff Laughlin


Robin Easter has soul. Even in normal conversation, Easter sounds like she is delivering lyrics, not just touting her band’s funky sound.

“I always say, lay it down and get into it. That’s what Doby is all about. We want to help you forget your troubles and have a good time,” Easter said. “Man, we’re excited for every opportunity to make smile.”

A veteran of the music scene, Easter sang in plenty of bands before Doby picked her up.

“I used to sing in a band called Thacker Dairy Road. That’s when the people from Hot Politics contacted me to start this. It was scary at first. Every band has the dating period, when you combine your talents to make good music.”

Doby plans to play anywhere they are called, which may even include Colorado in July. Until then, check them at the Blind Tiger Saturday night, where Easter promises a good time, “like they did in the ’70s.”, dobyfunksoulmusic