by Jeff Pickett


Brendan Hofacker worked his way through Greensboro’s restaurant scene to get to Bloody Mary’s Oyster Bar, and he wants to make this one count.

“Since I have come aboard I have opened us for lunch. I have also revamped the quality of our food. When I first started they were buying everything frozen and pre-made. Now everything is made from fresh ingredients, no more frozen seafood and pre-cooked fries,” Hofacker said.

He grew up in Seattle, but since graduating from GTCC, Hofacker remained in Greensboro. Working at places as varied as Whole Foods and Josephine’s, he honed his craft in preparation for this kind of opportunity.

“The first cooking job that I had was just making salads and bussing tables at a pizza restaurant,” he said.

Now that he has what he wants, he intends to make the best of it.

“My goal is to make Bloody Marys THE place to get oysters in the Triad by offering what nobody else can get or is willing to get.”