by Jeff Laughlin


Beth Deloria cannot stop running, even when her body refuses to run.

Suffering from “foot drop” — paralysis of the lower leg and foot — Deloria has been racing with the help of a technologically advanced, carbon-fiber orthotic device designed to mimic the movement of the muscles in her legs and feet. She planned to run 48 races at the beginning of the year.

Her next race brings her back to her native Greensboro. She’s also run in the Boston Marathon three times since being diagnosed.

She lives by the motto: “Get back up.” That message inspires her to run and others to keep their pace amidst adversity.

“Get Back Up means something different for everyone with foot drop,” says Beth. “It can mean a marathon runner getting back up to run again, or it can mean a school teacher getting back up to walk down the hallway without dragging her foot across the floor,” Deloria said.

Amazing she was not out of breath.

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