by Eric Ginsburg


Greensboro could use a few more people like Matty Sheets. After moving here in 1993 just before the end of high school, Sheets is doing what he can to make the city better and to combat notions of a cramped, small city without much going on. He can relate to the “everything sucks” attitude — he felt that way when he was younger — but now he says it seems small because people run in different circles and the city lacks some cohesion.

Give this guy an instrument and a stage, or a microphone and a soundboard, and he’s good to go. He’s hosted the weekly open-mic night at the Flat Iron for over a decade, put together and played in enough bands that it becomes easy to lose track of them all and helped launch the “Avant on Air” radio show. Does his name ring a bell? Maybe you’ve heard of Matty Sheets & the Blockheads, an outgrowth of goofy songwriting with friend Emily Stewart.

Sheets isn’t just bringing people together with his music, or helping spread the word of what’s happening locally through Avant Greensboro — he’s throwing himself into a budding effort to snag a low-power radio station license from the FCC this fall that he’s stoked about because it will bring people together and spread discussion, awareness and music.

It’s also worth noting that Sheets loves JD Salinger, scrambled eggs and cheese pizza.

Check out: for the band’s first album, or find it at CFBG in Greensboro.

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