by Eric Ginsburg


Yep, that’s a keyboard tutu and bumps that appear to be lopsided nipples. No, this is not the only job you can get with an art degree (holding sandwich boards on the side of the road sweating your brains out for some cash under the table): this is the UNC School of the Arts’ beloved, tragic and absurd mascot.

A recent Buzzfeed article summarized the hilarity of the mascot with the most important question we should all be pondering: “We can’t begin to explain how awesome the story of the UNCSA pickle is. Wouldn’t it be cute if they called freshmen cucumbers?”

The site included the School of the Arts’ mascot in a list with other similarly absurd “somewhat strange but mostly awesome” concepts: the Banana Slugs, the Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fighting Artichokes and the Boilermakers.

Cheetos named the Fighting Pickle the “cheesiest mascot” (Get it? Yeah, pretty weak) in 2012 and the phallic green artist was featured in “Every Day with Rachael Rae” a few months ago. And now, for the Winston-Salem hero’s biggest claim to fame, YES! Weekly has dubbed it (an anthropomorphized pickle is still an “it,” right?) this week’s Local Talent.