by Kaitlyn McBride


Since seeing KISS live in the 1970s Doc Abbott knew he wanted to pursue a career in music, and that’s exactly what he’s doing. He formed Parallel Lines, a Blondie tribute band, in April of this year after meeting a vocalist who had the vision. “It’s traditional American music,” he says, and he wants to create a new buzz about an old style of music. Bringing back this kind of music is something very important to Abbott, which explains the countless hours of work vested into creating the band, executing the set list and basically organizing the whole venture. In the long term, the band strives to develop a regional tour schedule in the Southeast. When asked if he would continue to try to boost the band’s notoriety, a simple but enthusiastic, “Oh yeah,” ensures Abbott has big plans for his band. Their first show was played in High Point, and he tells us to keep our eyes peeled for upcoming gigs.