by Eric Ginsburg

Kim Newmoney: photographer

While gowing up in New Hampshire, Kim Newmoney would spend all of her allowance money on buying disposable cameras and developing the film. She managed to lose two real cameras — her dad’s and her older brother’s — but she held on to her interest in photography. After moving to Greensboro in 2007, Newmoney decided to pursue photography full time, both as a student at Randolph Community College and on her own. Her documentary-style photography is focused on people, spanning weddings and portraits, and lately she’s been working on a series called Black, White and Grey. The project, shot with black and-white film, is made up of images of LGBT folks in their homes and emphasizes that people can’t be put into boxes. After graduating, Newmoney intends to launch a Kickstarter campaign to fuel a cross-country road trip with boyfriend and assistant Devon Curry to document gay weddings. “One of the reasons I do it is I feel like I have so many questions,” she said, adding that curiosity about other people’s lives motivates her work. The project would also capture history, she said, and would continue her interest in photographing elements of what she called the “second Civil Rights Movement.”