by Eric Ginsburg


It’s time to pass the torch. This is the last issue of YES!Weekly that our art director, Katie Thompson, will work on — she’s leaving at the end of the week for Austin, Texas. Katie, right, and her fiancé Matt are bidding adieu to their home in Winston-Salem for new adventures in the Lone Star State. Given that I had to tell her what SXSW was, they’ve got a whole lot of learning to do. She’ll be remembered for her sense of humor, her short-term memory loss and the red ball she employed as an office chair. We welcome Mallory Southern, our new art director, who’s already been with us for a few weeks getting settled. The Art Institute of Charlotte grad and Kernersville native will fully take over for the next issue of the paper, and we’re excited to have her. She’s already started to fill Katie’s shoes — to the extent that it’s possible — for being amiable and lighthearted (and hardworking too). After all, she did agree to stand on the roof of her car for this photo.Want to be featured as a local talent? E-mail a photo and a short bio to