by Eric Ginsburg


Every happening, hip downtown needs a space with books, beer and music. It doesn’t hurt to have coffee nearby, or a solid vinyl collection for sale. Extra points if it’s rumored that the space used to be a speakeasy. In Winston-Salem, that place is Reanimator, the brainchild of artist Shawn Peters. When the owners of nearby Krankies mentioned they had available storefront space, he and a friend jumped at the opportunity.

“I’m from Winston-Salem and I think one of the benefits of being here is that while I am losing money, I’m not losing that much money,” Peters said. “I really think that any place is what you make it. Hopefully I won’t lose money forever.”

He started the business with no real set plan or backers a year ago, instead relying on a friend and a vision. People a really interested in owning and shaping the downtown here, he said, and with bigger money shaping the culture in the next few years, Peters wanted to be on the ground floor.

Making money isn’t the main goal, but neither is losing it. Peters and his friend decided to sell beer to help make rent, a move that fits with his desired vibe of being more like a living room than a retail store. They host small shows — it’s difficult to cram a full band into the storefront — about once a month and recently put up their first art show. Peters wants to do more — a gallery space along one wall, a bar to hang out at, a larger book selection — but there’s already a decent array of choices. Plus, they usually host an informal cookout gathering on First Fridays.

Reanimator is open Tues.-Sat. from 1-8pm at 344 Patterson Ave, Winston- Salem. Find Reanimator on Facebook or e-mail

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