by Eric Ginsburg


The key to keeping young people in Greensboro, Arthur Stuart said, is cultivating a “buy-in factor.” As a NC A&T University student studying entrepreneurship and public relations, Stuart leaned towards moving home to Raleigh because the state capital has a more thriving entrepreneurial scene. Instead, he realized an opportunity to create a similar culture here, fostering relationships between entrepreneurs locally to help ensure more success and investment in Greensboro. Alongside Zack Mohorn and Justin Strueli, Stuart founded Shift about a year ago, later graduating from A&T in May.

“What we really want to do, at the end of the day, is help people transfer their ideas and concepts into reality,” he said. “This is a way to join with people going through the same things.”

There were already several efforts aimed at cultivating entrepreneurship in the city, but Stuart said Shift works to bring those resources out of the woodwork, build connections and actualize their ideas. The organization meets the first Wednesday of each month and hosts a more casual meet up, “Shift After Hours,” the third week of each month. The meetings consistently draw 20 to 25 people, Stuart said. Shift recently held its large educational annual event, “The Time is Now,” which Stuart characterized as their “Super Bowl-type event.”

When he was involved in A&T’s entrepreneurship club as a student, members didn’t work together with other schools. Stuart said Shift is connecting UNCG and A&T students already and are talking to an interested Guilford College student. In 2014, they would like to have an active group on each campus that is communicating with the other school’s clubs, he said.

In addition to Stuart’s marketing job and Shift efforts, Stuart is working with someone else on an entrepreneurial idea of his own — a digital aggregating company called Seven Rings Media.

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