If you’re a person who goes out to drink at various bars in downtown Winston-Salem, chances are this olive-toned beauty has made you a good drink as well as a great impression.

Meredith Anne Pingho, 24, was born in Winston-Salem and grew up in Pfafftown. She attended Mount Tabor High School in Winston-Salem and enjoyed being on the soccer team and cheerleading squad.

Upon graduation, she attended Campbell University, where she studied sports medicine and advertising.

“I really enjoy working with the public, seeing my regulars and meeting all kinds of new people,” said Pingho, who got into the bar and club business when she was 18. “I started working as a cocktail waitress at the old Tonic on Fourth Street downtown and spent a few years there learning things.”

Now closed, Tonic was owned by Freddy and Terry Lee, who also own popular Winston-Salem spots Bleu Restaurant & Bar and Bernardin’s Fine Dining.

From there she went on to Ziggy’s, MOD and currently works at Status. Though she is currently sidelined from being behind the bar at Status, Pingho is still there to greet customers from behind the coat check station.

“My favorite drink to make is something original,” she said. “I have tons of regulars who come in and just tell me to make that blue thing or purple thing I made them last time. It’s a lot of fun. Other than that, I prefer to just pop them a beer or make them something else simple.”

When asked about her favorite drink and bars to hit when she’s off work she says, “My favorite drink is Tanqueray and tonic with extra lime or a nice glass of red wine. When I’m not at Status, which of course is my favorite, I really enjoy Brody’s and Bull’s Tavern.”

“I had to have surgery on my shoulder and am out of commission for at least six weeks,” she said. “I am starting my physical therapy this week and hopefully I’ll be back in action by the first of the year.”