by Eric Ginsburg



Picture the cliché of an artsy student in high school, the one who takes as many arts classes as possible to avoid all other subjects. That was Kat Jackson, and she hasn’t strayed far. With an ingrained appreciation for craft and handmade things from her mother, Jackson pursued art after high school, attending UNCG to study art education. After teaching for six years in the Guilford County Schools system, Jackson is part way through her next step.

While her husband, Justin (who used to work at YES! Weekly, actually), was attending GTCC for graphic design, she grew jealous of everything he was learning and struck a deal with him — once he found steady employment, it would be her turn to enroll.

With her graduation on the horizon later this year, Jackson is continuing to blend hand-drawn illustrations with her newer graphic design abilities. Her work hasn’t gone unnoticed — she’s created freelance pieces for Action Greensboro, Crop Hunger Walk and others. She’s also sold her work at the Hand-to-Hand Market and maintains a booth at Design Archives. Jackson enjoys exploring the intersection of nature and art, later weaving in repetition and focusing on space and balance.

Visit or contact Kat at heartandcraftcreative@ !