by David Pferdekamper

NECHELLE C-P – MUSICIANA local musician who goes by Nechelle C-P has been making sounds for a while. She says she plays “anything that makes noise.”

After responding to a Craigslist ad titled “Real music please, anybody? Good drummers need good musicians,” C-P got involved with Zen Martial Arts Collective, a group of local musicians with an “impromptu” style.

“The style was never really discussed, it just happened,” C-P said. “We make it more or less a religious ritual to get together on Sundays, close our two eyes, and try to see through our third eye in the form of music.”

C-P said that ZMA comes together in a way to communicate something special.

“With all the Bieber and countless other really terrible things going on in the world, I believe that for each one of us this is definitely our way of getting any feeling,” C-P said. “That feeling comes out in the music. We are just hoping that other people understand what we say through that form, because there are people that probably feel the same way we do. We just want to show that understanding through the universal language: music.”

In starting her experience with the language of music, C-P can’t recall definite starting point. She does, however, note that her musical education was a bit unorthodox.

“The only thing I remember is being three-years-old and banging on piano keys at my late Uncle James’ house in Harlem,” C-P said. “(I liked) that so much that he would teach me things to ultimately train my ear. I’ve never had any formal training. It’s funny, every time I went searching for some sort of training I was either turned away or it turned into a jam session.” Of course, C-P also had inspiration when she began playing music.

“What made me what to start actually playing out is probably the high number of other amazing female musicians,” C-P. “There is a lot to be inspired by in that department.”

ZMA currently has an EP out called “Enso.” It is available at Don’t expect something too traditional, though.

“Everything that we have out right now is as ‘one-take-wonder’ as it gets,” C-P said. “No discussions are had, no planning, no rehearsing. We seriously just walk into the room, strap up and play whatever we feel in the moment.” !