Brett McDonough utilizes the odd side of his creativity. He has constructed work from multiple outlets and his key component is inspiration.

Pottery is an outlet he uses to make the monsters and characters of his imagination into a 3D structure.

“I began working with clay at the age of fourteen at Watauga High. My Studio Crafts teacher, Whit Whitaker, encouraged me to follow my stranger creative whims.”

The kinds of sculptures he creates are mainly playful monsters with humanlike characteristics that might resemble characters in children’s books. This skill captured his zeal for illustration and cartooning.

“I moved to Greensboro in 2004 to attend Guilford College where I studied with Charlie Tefft. Charlie helped me hone my wheel-throwing skills in order to simplify my creative process and create a more realized product.”

While McDonough was attending Guilford College, he worked part-time at Doe Ridge Pottery.

“It was there that I fully immersed in the production pottery world and developed a more strict work ethic.”

After he graduated from Guilford College, McDonough began teaching at Art Alliance of Greensboro. He finds that not only does he teach others, but he opens windows for his art as well.

“When you have to explain every step you take during the creative process to students it helps you interpret your own work; while problem solving is required to help a student who may be having trouble, it can change the way you teach, but also change the way you create yourself.” !

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