It started with a fascination for arcade games and now that fascination has led Scott Leftwich to fulfill his dream of restoring the games that ran off with his heart.

Like most young kids living in the era before iPhones, Leftwich found himself lost in what he calls “Pac-mania.” When he was eight years old, a local convenience store in his town put in a Pac-Man arcade machine.

“Suddenly arcades were popping up everywhere. It was a booming industry, and in the 80s, there was no sign of it slowing down.”

Some hits of the time were games like Donkey Kong, Frogger and Centipede. Unfortunately, the arcade scene reached its peak and dropped in popularity when Nintendo/Sega entered the market.

“The arcade scene was tattooed to my soul. It was, by definition, a great escape!” Leftwich vowed to continue this gaming catharsis past its peak. He had often talked to his friends about opening an arcade for the public.

Today Leftwich owns about 60 classic arcade games and has turned his basement into a 1980s haven. From that he will open his arcade event, “Wieners & Losers” one Saturday per month. This event will have a $10 admission fee and he will be selling hot dogs.

“Wieners & Losers” allows people to come in and revisit the original gaming days. All the money goes toward restoring more arcade games. “Many friends and family come over to relive their youth. It is as close to a time machine as you’ll get.” !

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