by Anna Warner


Devon Travern’s passion for writing has flourished for years. Now that passion has guided him to create a magazine of his own.

Live Inspired Magazine shares the stories of innovative brands, products and thought leaders. This idea stemmed from Travern’s belief in fulfillment.

“The name Live Inspired came from my belief that the only way to live freely is to live by inspiration. Whether in personal or professional circumstances, you’ve got to pursue your passion. At a certain age we’re no longer taught to chase dreams, we’re taught to do what’s “safe”. Take a good job, save, and live a little if you can. What we end up with is little to no satisfaction from utilizing our natural talents and building on them to operate at our fullest potential.”

What is now a magazine started out as a blog.

“I decided to turn it into a magazine because I realized that blog was turning into a culture of its own, a lifestyle brand that many identified with. Once I was able to build a strong team of contributing writers we made the transition to a magazine format.”

Travern believes that sharing these stories of people stepping away from the safety of stability will pass on inspiration to readers so that they can become their ideal self.

“I believe we are going through a renaissance in regards to creativity and the entrepreneurial spirit.”

Travern is a living example of fulfillment.

A talent that started in grade school has landed him right where he wants to be. !

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