In 2011, Toshitsune Yoshida opened Toshi’s Café in Greensboro. This unique café, located at 5710 High Point Rd., specializes in an interesting combination of gourmet coffee, sandwiches and sushi.

“Everyone always asks why I chose that combination,” Yoshida said.

Yoshida explained that he once worked as an independent contractor for Whole Foods selling sushi to customers. After five years, his contract was not renewed.

“It was heartbreaking,” Yoshida said. Yoshida, a determined individual, bounced back shortly after the heartbreak. In 2004, he took a break from making sushi and opened his own coffee and flower shop. It was called Coffee and Roses Express, and it was located very close to the current café. The business was successful, but the building he occupied in Greensboro was torn down due to construction.

Toshi’s Café still has a cooler from Coffee and Roses Express that says “Flowers” at the top of it, but instead of fresh flowers, it is now filled with bottled beverages.

For anyone that may have had a gift card to Coffee and Roses Express, Yoshida wants you to know that you can still use it at Toshi’s Café.

Toshi’s Café has a small staff of six people including Yoshida, and they take care of every customer as if they are regulars, addressing a lot of them by name.

“Business here has been very good,” Yoshida said. !

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