She is a native of Greensboro, and she doesn’t just want to spread her musical talent with the world. Monroe wants to spread an entire movement.

Monroe is already known for her spiritually-conscious lyrics. Her “hiphop/soul” sound is inspired by supreme talents like Lauryn Hill, MC Lyte, Queen Latifah and Marvin Gaye. She fell in love with lyrics and piano at the tender age of nine, and she is more than ready to share her love with the world. Again.

This young lady’s newest project is titled “I Am L.A.D.Y,” and it isn’t all about the music.

“It’s about bringing ‘lady’ back to the culture,” Monroe said. “Women need to know their worth.”

The project will combine music, literature, media and apparel in a way that only a real lady can. Monroe has already had success in the music world with the release of three mixtapes as well as two singles. Her 2010 release “FUTCHA!” got consistent airplay on U.K. based Radio One.

“The first week I heard my song play on a local gospel station was also the same week I heard it play on the international station,” Monroe said.

Monroe’s talents aren’t exclusive to music. She has also studied business and music at East Carolina University, and she graduated from Liberty University with a degree in Theological Studies.

Her merchandise line will be out soon.

If you want more information about Ms. Monroe’s L.A.D.Y. movement, please visit her website at !