When Stacy Street hosted a bridal shower for a friend over ten years ago she wasn’t expecting to make a career out of it. Street had just wanted to provide fresh food for an intimate event, but word of her natural talents spread. Street saw the opportunity in an underserved market, and formed Savory St.

“I was just doing a shower for my friend, and then afterward guests started coming up to me and asking if I did catering for other events,” said Street.

Savory St. provides menu selections with elevated versions of luncheon classics like oven-fried chicken, smoked salmon and fruit & cheese trays. Street is happy to prepare any variety of dishes a client may desire and is experienced at accommodating special dietary requirements.

The star of almost every Savory St. catered occasion is the dessert. Street’s creativity and culinary intuition shines with her made from scratch cakes. To say each slice is indulgent would be an understatement. The white chocolate raspberry cake is pure bliss with smooth icing and tart filling surrounding pillowy layers of cake.

Sugar also takes center for the popular gingerbread house decorating parties hosted by Savory St. They provide the gingerbread houses and every type of conceivable colorful candy, and the kids go wild.

“You are limited only by your own creativity,” said Street. “For the grown-up girls, a little wine and eggnog will help.”

In 2008 Savory St. catering moved to the historic Weir-Jordan house on 223 N. Edgeworth Street. The beautifully 19 th century Southern home is available for private parties, wedding receptions and rehearsal dinners. !