by Whitney Kenerly


Will Powell is a personal fitness coach and trainer from Greensboro who will be competing for the title of Reebok’s “Fittest Man on Earth” in Carson, California on July 25.

The CrossFit enthusiast will be returning to compete in the 50-54 age range this year after finishing fourth in the competition last year.

CrossFit is a popular approach to fitness in which athletes complete a variety of high intensity intervals. The grueling workouts are known for their ability to quickly build muscle and improve an athlete’s strength, stamina and power through conditioning.

The CrossFit Games began in 2007, and have grown in popularity along with the sport. The competitors could be asked to complete any mixture of physical tasks that range from handstand walks to dragging heavy dogsleds across a field. Competitors are scored by the number of repetitions of an exercise they are able to complete within a set time.

“With CrossFit, you never know what to expect or what they are going to throw at you,” said Powell.

Powell, at age 54, is relatively new to CrossFit. He only began CrossFit training eight months before last year’s competition. As a natural athlete with years of experience as a body builder and personal trainer, Powell quickly thrived in the highintensity sport.

“My years of physical training make me naturally suited for CrossFit,” said Powell. “But what I lacked last year was a through understanding of the strategy involved in the competition.”

Since last year’s competition Powell has been working with local CrossFit coach Ben Gleason of CrossFit Versatile in Greensboro.

The sport is not for the faint of heart.

Just watching clips of past competitions can make the viewer feel a little lightheaded. It’s a sport that separates us from incredible athletes like Powell, who might just end up coming home with 1 st place this year.

“I am a smarter CrossFit athlete than I was last year, and feel really good about my chances to win it all,” said Powell. !