by Whitney Kenerly


“This is a very important message for everyone out there.”

That is the description for a video that MollyAnn Wymer posted on Facebook on June 25. The video, in which she ups the twang in her accent while pretending to be so dumb that she just discovered a pill called Dramamine that keeps her personal drama “mine”, was meant to be an inside joke, but it quickly went viral and was shared but nearly 200,000 in the first few days.

“It’s been crazy,” said Wymer. The Greensboro native, photographer, singer, domestic violence survivor, model and mother of five just wanted to make something that her family would enjoy.

“We all act stupid when we’re together,” said Wymer. “Our accents are worse and we’re all a bit blonder. We just cut up together.”

While Wymer said her family barely acknowledged the video, the Internet definitely took notice. Wymer’s big blue eyes pop out at the perfect moments when she stresses lines like “it works!” with convincingly earnest cluelessness while her face is framed by her thick mane of Barbieblonde hair.

“I mean, I feel my drama comin’ on, I take this little pill, and my drama is contained. It’s all mine. It stays right here.

I don’t share it anymore,” says Wymer in her “DramaMINE” video. She deftly points out that the directions indicate that you can take it while riding in a boat, plane or car and that it treats symptoms on the spot. Her performance, coupled with her hair color, has made the video almost a little too convincing.

“It took off because I’m blonde,” said Wymer. “I know if I’d been a brunette it would have never exploded the way it did.”

Wymer says she never set out to become a comedian, be she is a natural when it comes to timing and facial expressions. Her persona has caught the eye of the producers for the reality TV show “Wahlburgers” and Laura Bell Bundy, who asked Wymer to appear in one of her upcoming music videos.

With a couple of reality TV show offers in development, Wymer is considering the possibility of having her life captured on film for the world to see. While she’s still somewhat in shock over her newfound celebrity, Wymer is happy to see that people can relate to her.

“When people started unpacking who I am, a lot of different kinds of people could relate to me,” said Wymer. “I’ve been to Hell and back, but I just try to keep in real with people.” !