by Jeff Sykes


Activity along Lewis Street in Greensboro’s South End is set to ratchet up a notch with the impending opening of Gibb’s Hundred. Owner Mark Gibb said the craft brewery is “days away” from beginning its first brew.

After overcoming the usual hurdles in the path of any start up business, Gibb said the brew pub could be open in three to four weeks. The team at Gibb’s Hundred has decided to go with their pale ale to get things started. The brewery will also soon offer a milk stout and an ESB.

Of note is that the brewery has decided to name its beers after one of Greensboro’s most famous historical figures.

Short stories by O. Henry will serve up the beer names.

The pale ale will be called Blind Man’s Holiday.

“It’s a lot like an IPA, but with a little lower alcohol content and slightly less bitter,” Gibb said. “It has the same upfront hop aroma, though, that you’d expect from an IPA.”

The milk stout will be called Cherchez la Femme, which is a French phrase meaning “find the woman.” The ESB will be called The Guilty Party.

“We really like the Greensboro connection and we like the literary connection,” Gibb said. “Our tagline for the brewery is ‘beer for thought.'” Gibb is embracing the entire South End community, having added a large map of the area to the brew pub and inviting nearby businesses to come add flair to their part of the map. Diverse groups such as the Battleground Brewers Guild, the Piedmont Old Time Music Society and the Beard and Mustache Club of North Carolina will hold regular meetings at Gibb’s Hundred.

“I think there is a definite buzz about the neighborhood,” Gibb said after mentioning several new businesses along the South Elm Street corridor. “Things are growing, popping and developing around here.” !