by Daniel Schere


Scriptures in the south can be found in a lot of places other than church. On billboards, Cookout milkshake containers and now pillowcases.

Cindy Johnson of Clemmons started her business, It’s All Yours, three years ago where she takes simple scripture messages and prints them on a pillowcase along with a custom design. One such pillowcase features a butterfly and the word “Courage” in pink and red outlines along with the quote “I sought the LORD, and he delivered me from all my fears.” Customers can shop for pillowcases on her website Most run between $25 and $30.

The idea came about when Johnson began writing scripture on 3X5 index cards for her step-daughter 17 years ago and placed them under her mattress. She printed the passages that were the most special to her.

“Being a stepmom, you don’t always know if they’ll approve of what you do or don’t do, and so I would leave something under her mattress and one day she found them,” she said.

Johnson continued the practice for her son, who is now 13.

“I started thinking I don’t have to hide this now, and it just kind of evolved because it went from that to thinking I can actually do this as a business and make these pretty rather than just writing them out on 3X5 cards,” she said.

Johnson’s business is basically a one-woman operation. She orders the pillowcases and sends them, along with the designs, to a printer in Burlington. Once they are printed she packages them herself and distributes them to customers. She has sold pillowcases to customers as far away as Canada.

“When I first started this and started searching online, there was absolutely nothing like that,” she said. “I know that people print on pillowcases but I haven’t necessarily seen designs like mine or designs along with scripture like mine.” !