by Britt Chester


Bryn Hermansen admits that there are infinite ways to listen to music, but that doesn’t stop her from hosting her own online radio show geared to spotlighting local up and coming bands.

“I started doing the radio show about two years ago, but kicked it on a hiatus until March of this year,” Hermansen said. “I just wanted to revamp it a little bit and try some new things.”

Streaming the show on the popular online source Spreaker, her most recent recording has over 2,000 plays.

But aside from the radio show and attending whatever local shows she can, Hermansen is also responsible for organizing FemFest 2014 at The Garage in Winston-Salem. The festival, which we have also previewed in our new Choice Beats section, coincides with the Walk a Mile Her Shoes event happening this Saturday to raise awareness about rape, sexual assault and gender violence.

“The Walk a Mile in Her Shoes thing is for the guys, and I wanted to put something on that’s just for the girls,” said Hermansen.

Hermansen pulled some strings with bands that she has featured on her radio show, or written about for the Foothills Times Magazine, and managed to get nine bands to donate their time to play.

“There were a lot of ideas to make this bigger than what it is, but I wanted to keep it simple, and that way people know where the money is going,” she said.

All proceeds will benefit the Winston-Salem Family Services organization. !