by Daniel Schere

Pam Rea Roberson – Art Imitates life

Pam Rea Roberson’s life journey did not start out in the theater, but her decision to write a play was influenced by her first career in public service.

Roberson served as a clerk in New Jersey’s superior court for 20 years, and she said that this opened her eyes to the addiction problems her community was facing. So, in 2007, she decided to speak truth to power and write a play.

“Every time I do something with this play, I’ve been led to people that have kind of helped the play along,” she said.

Roberson said it took her four months to write a script and that she did everything wrong with her first performance in New York.

“At the time I was still working at the courts, and I had this idea that I was going to market to everybody I knew because I had over 2,000 people at the workplace and I knew most of them,” she said.

Fortunately for her, the opening of “Angels Without Wings” took place during the 2007 Broadway Stagehand Strike when theater goers ditched the bright lights and headed off-Broadway. The first week of the show sold out.

“Angels Without Wings” was later written in Spanish to make the play accessible to members of the growing Latino community.

Roberson moved to Winston-Salem for personal reasons and decided to base her theater operations here. Her office is located in Forsyth Tech’s new small business center in the Wake Forest Innovation Quarter. She plans to open “Angels Without Wings” upon the successful conversion of a property at Greenway and Patterson avenues into a 500-seat theater.

She plans to write more plays about other contemporary issues like domestic violence.

“I don’t do the classics,” she said. “I do things that people will understand, because if you look at the trend of how television is going, all you have is reality shows. That’s what people want, reality. And this is real life.”