by Britt Chester


Chef Tim Thompson, formerly of the Marisol, will be representing the Triad in the Final Fire competition dining series Nov. 19-22 in Raleigh. After he beat out the competition in the Fire in the Triad competition, he said that he is currently trying to prepare by testing out some recipes.

“Everything is a la minute, so the menu is capricious, and you have to just hope for the best and hopes it’s an ingredient that you’ve seen and used so you have an idea,” he said about preparing for the affair.

He knows that going into it the items will be somewhat seasonal, so he isn’t planning on something like summer squash being thrown at him.

“Anytime I write a menu or create a recipe, I have to start with one thing, and that’s balance. I build things on a threetier level: You have fat on one end, acid on the other end, and then a fulcrum in the middle to deliver those things. And they have to be in order.

“I won the competition under Marisol’s flag, so I am going back to represent them with Wayne Adkins and Marvin Merida,” he said. A fourth member, Michelle Prairie, who helped Chef Thompson win at Fire in the Triad, will not be joining them due to a limit of kitchen allowed at the forthcoming competition.

Aside from the upcoming competition, Chef Thompson is also preparing for a new restaurant he is planning on opening in 2015. He didn’t want to reveal too much, but did mention that it will be farm-to-table dining, that it will be located somewhere on Battleground, and the menu will be comprised of whatever they are currently harvesting on their farm.

“The menu there will be changing a lot, and it’s going to be something that Greensboro doesn’t have, and that’s what I’m looking to fill.” !