by Britt Chester


Matt Hollingsworth, also known as .darklove in local music circles, has been producing music for the better part of a decade. He is a Greensboro native, having spent some time up in the mountains while attending Appalachian State University.

“I remember this house party we did, and we were using Traktor, but neither of us had a computer that was actually fast enough to run it, and our friend had just bought this old Dell computer that we used,” he recalled. It ended up working out, but not after some finagling of the technology.

Since then, things have changed quite a bit. Hollingsworth is one of the staple DJs at the recurring Dance From Above event held at the Crown Room at the Carolina Theater, and he is getting regular bookings at area venues.

Outside the of the music world, though, Hollingsworth lives what some might think to be “the life” as a sales representative for Burton Snowboards.

As he puts it, “I rep for Burton, or, the dude who started the sport of snowboarding.” Whether or not that is true, Hollingsworth has been able to travel all over the country with the brand, sharing his passion for the sport with veterans of the snow, and first time riders.

This week, you can find Hollingsworth behind the decks at Dance From Above’s Masquerade, along with Denitia and Sene, Starfoxxx (“My favorite producer in the game right now,” he added) and other visual artists. !