I was minding my own business, seriously, when one of the foodies at Scuppernong Books asked this exceedingly polite woman standing next to where I was sitting if she was “going to rehearsal.”

It was one of those times where being a reporter allows me to be nosy. As she waited for her order, I decided to ask her what type of rehearsal she was attending. I assumed music, and being an amateur musician, I was interested in the twominute conversation.

“I’m in a production at the Triad Stage,” she said with a posh London accent.

“What’s the play called?” I asked. “The Snow Queen,” she said. “Do you have a big part?” I asked. “I’m the Snow Queen.” This, ladies and gentlemen, is the demure and humble Emily Gardner Hall. She agreed to let me take her picture for local talent and in a follow up interview a few days later wanted mostly to talk about Preston Lane and Laurelyn Dossett and her stage mates, but I did manage to eek a few biographical details.

Ms. Gardner Hall is from Hammersmith, in West London, and studied at the prestigious NYU Graduate Acting program, which only admits 16 people each year.

Gardner Hall studied music before deciding to be an actor. She thinks that her background in music theory helped her nail the part when Lane and Dossett conducted auditions for The Snow Queen in New York City a few years back.

After playing the traditional English folk song, “Cold, Haily, Windy Night,” she got the part.

“I think I was maybe the only person to come in who was classically trained,” she said.

She played the Snow Queen last year and was glad to be invited back again this year for the play that opens up Nov. 28.

“I guess I must have done a good job. I feel super lucky to have been invited back. I really love this theater. Laurelyn has been an incredible role model for me. I find her so inspirational.” !