Craft beer and classic bass guitar aren’t a bad combination.

In the hands of Greensboro’s Josh Coe it’s a potent brew.

On most weeknights Coe manages the Beer Company on McGee Street, a craft beer taproom and carry out his father opened in May. Coe hangs behind the counter serving up samples and pints of the many beers on tap, or opening bottles from the cooler of that hard to find beer you consider a must have.

Midweek, and even on Mondays, the counter is often full of hopheads enjoying strong beer and good conversation. Coe’s parents operated several bars around the Triad, most recently the Front Street Public House. After investigating the Greensboro market, the Coes decided there was a gap in service that would support a small, carryout and tasting room like Beer Company.

Business has been solid in the five months of operations. “We wanted to do this concept for a while,” Coe said.

“Everybody has been real supportive. We have a great crew of regulars and new people come in everyday.”

Coe said he keeps an ear open for interesting beers to put on tap, taking cues from customer conversations and other tidbits.

“I try to keep my taps as rare and special as possible — stuff other people aren’t pouring,” Coe said. He also keeps local Greensboro beer in the rotation, in addition to the strong selection of beers from across the state. The Gibb’s Hundred Blind Man’s Holiday (also known as Greensboro Pale Ale) has been very popular since its recent release.

Others might recognize Coe from his days playing with local metal bans Killwhitneydead and The Demonstration. After touring the metal scene, Coe decided to come off the road and explore his roots in blues and rock. He currently plays bass for The Ends, as rock band in the mold of My Morning Jacket and the Allman Brothers. The band released an album last year, Guilty Sunrise, which Coe co-wrote. They are at work now on five-song EP.

Coe likes to rock a Fender Jazz bass with an Ampeg SVT. He also enjoys serving 11 percent beer to thirsty journalists coming off deadline.

I asked him what’s the most surprising thing he’s learned since the store opened.

“Just to see the level of craft beer drinkers in Greensboro,” Coe said. “Per capita there are a lot of sophisticated palettes in Greensboro. People want to try new stuff all the time.”