by Britt Chester


For Heaven Nifong, a bartender in Greensboro, one of the joys of showing up to work is being able to converse with her regular customers. At 26, Nifong already has five years of bartending under her belt, and by the way she talks about mixing drinks and being part of the nightlife, she is showing no signs of stopping.

Nifong tends the bar at Treasure Club Entertainment and Sports Bar & Club located at 7806 Boeing Drive. She’s been serving drinks there for four years, and in that time has been able to make friends with the regulars, and “some of Greensboro’s finest ladies,” as she puts it.

“I like it because even though it is a strip club it feels like a regular bar “” small feel “” I know everyone’s name and I really enjoy being able to converse with most of the people who come in,” she said.

Outside of the industry, though, Nifong said she likes kayaking, finding new music, and video games. “I’m sort of a gamer chick,” she admitted.

But in the club, she said it’s always exciting, even though the music might get a little old sometimes.

“I enjoy getting to know everyone and meeting new people.”

If you feel so inclined, go down to Treasure Club and say hi to Heaven – you’ll get a good conversation to go along with a cold beverage. !