Dani Vanderboegh has been our editorial intern at YES! Weekly since September. Because interning (especially at a newspaper) is a labor of love – fact checking, spell check, writing listicles, bring cupcakes, etc. – we wanted to highlight the greatest intern we’ve had in our office.

Since she recently finished up presenting her thesis for her master’s degree from Mizzou – a master’s degree in journalism, no less – we figured it best to spotlight her as both a local talent and an integral part of our newspaper.

At 31, Dani has developed her craft to fit the harshest working environments. We know because we put her through the ringer every time we task her with editing work, checking our stories, and providing copy for publishing.

Dani V., as we call her, moved to Greensboro just after Labor Day. She’d visited the Tarheel state back in 2012 while covering the Democratic National Convention as part of a student journalism project.

When she contacted us this summer she said she liked the area and wanted to move here long-term. Originally from the St. Louis area, Vanderboegh hopes to build a career in production, design and editing in the magazine publishing business.

She graduates from the Missouri School of Journalism with an M.A. on Friday and we hope you will join us in congratulating her. Dani V. will come back to us for a short while in January and resume crafting Chow stories, blog posts and the weekly Be There calendar. We’ll keep her as long as we can, but we’re certain some slick glossy mag will pick her up in short order. !