We always love hearing about genuinely good people in the community, so when 18-year-old Yaovi Mawuli Amaglo’s story came across our desk last week, we knew we had to chat with him.

Our first issue of December, Sneaker Freak, focused on some of the major players in Greensboro’s sneaker community, but we had yet to hear about Amaglo.

“I was in French class and one of my classmates that sits beside me was getting picked on because of his shoes,” Amaglo said. “He doesn’t really reply back when they say anything, and I was saddened by that.”

Amaglo sells shoes on Instagram, eBay and locally, and thought about what he could maybe do to help out his classmate.

After speaking with a counselor at Northeast Guilford High School, and taking advice from some of the local sneaker heads in the community, Yaovi snagged a pair of premium Air Jordans to gift to his friend from French class.

“If I could help someone out, why not?” Amaglo asked. “The money I get from selling shoes I’m just going to spend anyway, so I thought I’d rather give him some shoes.”

And that, is holiday cheer at its finest. Amaglo is set to graduate high school in 2015 and plans on attending UNCG to pursue a degree in business administration. He played varsity soccer for his high school, and said he may continue that in college. !