by Daniel Schere


Looking at Katy Meehan‘s resume, it’s hard to believe there is any area of the arts and crafts world she hasn’t explored. Meehan has been a tattoo artist, a theatre set designer, a furniture model maker and a coffee illustrator among other things.

Meehan moved to Winston-Salem when she was 13 and began working as a tattoo artist in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Eventually she realized she would have to take a different route in the artistic world, and earned a BFA in scenic design from UNC School of the Arts.

After a stop in Durham at Counter Culture Coffee she fell in love with graphic design. Since then she has been freelancing out of her home in Greensboro.

“A lot of my clients are long distance so it doesn’t really matter whether I have an office space to meet them,” she said.

Meehan has worked on projects with companies from around the country, including her latest work that was with Seattle-based Washington Shoe Company. Her work can also be found on the Trader Joe’s signs in Raleigh and Albuquerque.

“It was really a great experience having to work quickly and creatively and kind of think of an idea and bring it to life without a lot of time or materials. That was really fun for a little while,” she said.

Meehan said she gets a good deal of her inspiration from the Internet as well as the library and her own personal resources.

“I’m definitely not opposed to searching through online resources when I can find them but I’ve got a pretty big collection of vintage books of all different kind of nonfiction variety,” she said.

Meehan says from an early age she has been interested in visual storytelling and is used to working within a broad set of situations.

“I focus on tailoring my skill sets to meet the unique needs of each client,” she says. “Lately I’ve spent most of my time working in the specialty coffee industry, but I am always looking for new opportunities to branch out, especially if it means helping local businesses better tell their stories.”

Her work can be found at !