by Daniel Schere


Winston-Salem photographer Liz Massingill has two careers, and both give her the opportunity to do something she loves “” be with kids.

Massingill has worked part-time as a photographer since 2008 and has specialized in taking photos of newborns and young children. When she is not in the studio, she is connecting with children in other ways.

“Photography, although it is a great thing and I absolutely love it, I’m also fortunate to work as a nanny, and I also love that,” she said.

Massingill said being a nanny give her the skills and patience needed to help make children feel comfortable when they have their picture taken.

“Every session is different depending on the child’s temperament,” she said. “It really makes my day when I can have someone come into the studio and the parents may not know how they’re going to react on a photo session, but my experience with nannying actually helps out a lot.”

Massingill said it is important to remember to put the camera down for a second and talk with the person she is photographing in order to make sure they are on the same page.

“I know children, I love children. I can get down on their level and understand them, so it really helps to photograph them,” she said.

Massingill originally became interested in photography while working for her high school newspaper in Rocky Mount. She later took pictures for her friend’s band, which she said was a large factor in her decision to pursue photography as a career.

She also said her aunt and grandmother both had a passion for the hobby.

“They both have thousands and thousands of photos that they’ve taken of their families,” she said. “And I love going to their homes and seeing that wall of photos of myself there, and not everyone has that.” !