Emerging filmmaker Melanie Paige has big dreams of breaking into the film industry, but first she plans to hone her craft in Greensboro.

Paige’s introverted personality thrives behind a camera. She plans to produce a fully scripted short film titled “Standards” about the realities of young black women, different from a reality TV show where black women are often portrayed as loud and confrontational.

“What we see on television, it’s one perspective, but it’s not an accurate representation of the whole being,” said Paige. “I’m trying to do my best to show the entirety of our mind states.”

“Standards” will shed light on issues women face today like social media’s effects on body image, online bullying, relationship issues and drugs.

Melanie draws her creative energy from other artists in a group called Major Motives, which she founded her freshman year in her dorm room at North Carolina A&T State University. Melanie and a few of her classmates had a common goal, to shift viewer’s perspectives and change the media world with full force.

Major motives is currently made up of about 30 students who are savvy in different areas including photography, acting, and writing.

“Major Motives is a collective of individuals that want to be as creative as possible and be successful that way”, said Melanie. “We want to put positive images into the media. That’s our major motive.”

The group has aspirations of dominating the media industry. They’re aiming to become the go-to company for anyone who has a media or entertainment dream they need help developing.

“Standards” is projected to be completed by April 25.

Melanie can be contacted at !