You might think all there is to losing a few pounds is cutting back on sweet and greasy stuff, or exercising more. But health coach Bren Shropshire’s approach is from a slightly different angle when it comes to dieting.

“What I see missing in this whole field of weight loss and health is information that we keep providing for people thinking that’s going to change them,” she said. “People have information. They know smoking isn’t good for them so it’s not the information that stops them. It’s the psychological piece and how we think and how we perceive certain things we don’t want to do, why we don’t do them.”

Shropshire started her consulting business, Healthy Solutionz, 22 years ago in which she advises both individuals and corporations on the best ways to set up wellness programs. She received her bachelor’s degree in health and physical education from the College of New Jersey and masters in education from the University of Missouri. She is also a certified health coach.

In addition, Shropshire started a blog two years ago laying out her principles for a healthy lifestyle. In one post, she discusses her love for Teddy Grahams and explains why people attempting to lose weight should opt for “real food” that is slightly healthier as opposed to “diet cookies.”

Shropshire is married and has two children. She said her biggest lesson to them is to live life in moderation.

“Don’t start something that you don’t think you can do forever,” she said. “You’re not going to do it for very long so why bother doing it.”

Shropshire says the quickest route to failure comes from an all or nothing exercise routine.

“To be extreme doesn’t really do anything for people long term either,” she said. “It frustrates them and makes them angry with themselves.”

Shropshire has written a proposal for a book entitled “A Bigger Life in a Smaller Pair of Jeans!” She said a publishing company has expressed interest and she is trying to get the word out on social media.

“That’s where I’m spending most of my time now is trying to increase my platform, my likes primarily on Facebook.”

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