Jimbo Williams, voted the Best Male Bartender for 2014 by YES! Weekly readers, began crafting his hospitality skills at a mom and pop ice cream shop in Kernersville at a young age; he mastered every task from dish washing to serving.

With his love for hospitality he created The Empourium, a bar located in Kernersville, which has an atmosphere like no other.

“Always playing good music, no jukebox and the Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 is always rolling,” said Jimbo. “I have been told on more than one occasion the vibe in there is more like a house party than a bar and that’s what they like most about it.”

The Empourium currently has 150 beers and 40 different whiskey options, but Jimbo assures patrons he can make them the best drink they’ve ever had.

“I’ve created a handful of drinks, like a breakfast martini that hits you in lay ers:

First you taste OJ, then bacon, and it finishes with pancakes, or my pineapple, cilantro, jalapeño mojito.”

Jimbo’s exquisite mixing skills won him the title of the Best Male Bartender, but he contributes his win to the customers.

“The fact that they would take the time to vote with nothing to gain for themselves still leaves me in awe. I owe the win completely to them,” he said.

“Sweet Baby James,” Jimbo’s 11-month old son, was his inspiration for opening The Empourium. He wasn’t looking to make millions and live a lavish lifestyle, but just to be able to pay bills and spend the time he will never be able to get back with his son.

He invites everyone to stop by the Empourium for live music on the weekends, Whiskey Wednesday’s, or the A coustic Jam on Thursday nights. !

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