A keen eye for design and a knack for making the most of what’s available are just two of the personality traits that make Dale Edwards a great success story. For the last 16 years Edwards has been the design editor for the weekly Triad Business Journal.

This month, his personal art is on display at Scuppernong Books in Downtown Greensboro. Edwards held an opening reception at the bookstore on Elm Street this past Friday, which was well attended by co-workers and friends. His vivid but sparse paintings will be on display throughout the store during the month of April.

His professional success is a great story, one appropriate for such a mild-mannered and genuinely righteous individual. Edwards is a self-taught design editor. Some time after graduating high school at Grimsley, Edwards found himself working in the production department at the News and Record doing cut and paste. This was in the days before all-digital production.

The division between editorial and production was strict, Edwards said, but he would often stay late and practice layout on one of the Macintosh computers in the newsroom. After a while he began showing his work off to friends in the newsroom. One night they were shorthanded and Edwards got his shot, filling in on the copy desk and designing a local front page.

And the rest is history. Sixteen years ago he got the call from the startup Triad Business Journal. He still feels right at home.

“I get to work with a team, and I get to work by myself,” Edwards said. “They give me the run and then … They give me a lot of freedom.”

That’s something he values in his art as well, referring to the minimalist designs as “land-escapes”.

Edwards said he likes to contrast bold colors with sparse white, stripping away to the bare minimum at times to let the brain fill in patterns.

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