Like many of the Triad’s skateboarders, bmx riders, and, in some nook and cranny left over from yesteryear, inline skaters, Winston-Salem native Binny Orrell is anxiously waiting for his hometown to build a skatepark.

“I would love for the city to build us a skatepark,” Orrell, 27, said. “I feel like it would grow the bmx scene even more – the scene just isn’t that large.”

Orrell has been on a bike since he was 10-years old while he was living in Las Vegas. Prior to that, he spent a brief amount of time in Arizona. He moved back to Winston-Salem from Las Vegas right around 2000, and has stayed on his bike since. During the day, Orrell works as an auto body technician at Modern Body Shop in Winston-Salem.

But bmx isn’t the only thing that Orrell devotes his time to; Jase (pictured on page 35 on the orange bike), his 7-year old son, also enjoys cranking around jumps and ramps.

“I started him at about 3, and that’s about when he started learning without training wheels,” Orrell said. “I didn’t push him too hard because I wanted him to build his own love for bmx bike.”

At last weekend’s Phuzz Phest Skate Jam at The Hut, Jase shared the ramp with his dad and professional bmx rider Chad Kagy, whose appearance at the event was influenced by Texas Pete, a sponsor for the Skate Jam.

“That’s what I’m all about now – stoking the kids,” Orrell concludes. “I’m all about ensuring the future for bmx.” !