Janna Swartz, from Woodbridge, Virginia, has been living in Greensboro for around nine years. While attending UNCG, where she is working toward her degree in nutrition, she bartends at a couple different locations, and works part time in Raleigh as a wellness coach. Swartz did say that she would love to be able to work with children as it pertains to their health, as well as the benefits of organic food.

“Last year I volunteered in the Edible Schoolyard at the Greensboro Children’s Museum. I worked in the kitchen and helped to give a hands-on experience for a group of third and fourth graders. We taught the children about growing, harvesting, preparing, and sharing healthy meals.”

There is never a dull moment with kids, or working at Longshanks Billiards, Gate City Growlers, and Local House Bar.

With a job as a bartender, one could assume she’d have some pretty great stories, but she revealed that “most of them I wouldn’t want published unless I decide to write a book about them, but one time I had a random customer give me $100 for a Jägerbomb and told me to keep the change because it was a beautiful day.”

“I’ve been in this industry, and in Greensboro a long time. Most of my customers are regulars, so I’m lucky. It’s more like hanging out with friends, but I happen to be serving them drinks from the other side of the bar.”

As far as her thoughts on Greensboro as a city goes, she said “I love how the community is really supportive of new businesses, especially when it comes to restaurants and bars. It’s such a tightknit group when it comes to the hospitality industry. Everyone looks out for each other.” !