When people started demanding quality food faster than a restaurant could provide, there came along the flood of food trucks. Long before food trucks were the always-reliable hot dog stands. This is where Wayne and Nicie Vasser came to find their own way of working on their terms: Jazzy Daugs is the hot dog cart you pass everyday as you travel down Fourth Street crossing over Trade Street.

Wayne worked for Trimark foodservice company before deciding that he wanted to start his own business. He’s been living in Winston-Salem since 1991 where he moved from New York, and Nicie has been living here, from Lenoir, for the past five years.

“It’s like a regular restaurant but on a smaller scale,” Wayne says. “We don’t have anything over our head except this here umbrella.”

Jazzy Daugs used to be situated down on Liberty Street, but they slowly worked their way over to the bustling intersection where it now stands.

“We’ve got hot dogs, sausages, cold drinks, chips, and we normally play jazz music all day, so you can sit around and listen to jazz if you feel like it,” Wayne added.

He said that he sees anywhere from 200-300 people pass by the stand, and sometimes people sit and enjoy lunch with the jazz, but mostly people are busy on their lunch breaks and have to get back to the office.

When he’s not serving up hot dogs, he said he enjoys hitting the links on the weekend – that’s golf – and can spend eight hours on the driving range if he’s left on his own.

Jazzy Daugs has been in operation for 11 months, just coming up on the hot dog stand’s birthday. !