Scot Sanborn is Boston born and southern raised. Sanborn is the founder and owner of Sutler’s Spirit Co. in Winston- Salem, and just recently celebrated the grand opening and unveiling of the first product, Gin.

Sanborn, who has an incredible knack for businesses, has been working on this particular passion for about five years. He’s been modeling since he was in graduate school, which has been paying the bills while he focuses solely on Sutler’s.

“I got lucky, with my experiences, I got lucky. But the harder you work the luckier you get. Although I did have to work hard to make a modeling career happen, it’s not something I had a passion for. Sutler’s is what I have a passion for. I knew I always wanted to start my own business. I knew my modeling income would eventually come to an end.”

Opening your own business seems like a pretty daunting task, especially with the completion in Winston-Salem. “There was not one part of this process that was harder than the other; luckily I had Tim Noland to carry the weight of the flavor profiles, so I was able to work on the business side- the promotion, the marketing, and the paperwork.” With Sulter’s Gin about to hit the shelves, Sanborn speaks vaguely on the future of Sutler’s, “I’ve got a few ideas…I’ve got a few…going to try and do something unique.”

As for someone who just opened their own distillery, Sanborn had inspiring words to say about the Winston versus Greensboro debate.

“I think Winston and Greensboro have more in common than they realize- Greensboro has this complex where they don’t think they could pull off things bigger cities can…when they really could. Greensboro has the potential; it’s here, the energy, the people. You’ve got to create the culture first, and the money will follow.” !