Chances are you’ve seen Mary Lacklen around Greensboro, hustling and bustling to make this city more progressive. She is currently working for Libby Hill Seafood rebranding their name to hopefully appeal to the millennial crowd. “I think Millennials are more aware of where there food is coming from. So we are starting to offer more grilled options. ” Lacklen is Board Chair of Triad Local First, which is a non-profit that promotes independently owned local businesses. She is also a supporter of Ryan Saunders’ organizations, Create Your City and Dinner with a Side of Culture. “My background is in the restaurant business, and I think it’s a cool event so I’ll help. Why would I not? I think sometimes people in power feel as though they need to be waited on, and I can understand some of that, but…that’s a real slippery slope.”

Every day Lacklen picks up food and delivers it to the homeless and different agencies that do the same. Share the Harvest is a local nonprofit which she is co-director of. “Basically, we collect food and distribute it through the IRC twice a week to agencies in need,” she said.

In her own time she picks up food from The Fresh Market and has just gotten the Greensboro Coliseum on board with donations. This year will be her 29th year of feeding the homeless on Thanksgiving Day. “We started at the Salvation Army, then we’ve worked out of Urban Ministry and now we have had to move to Greensboro Coliseum because it has gotten so big.”

Greensboro is rank high in the country for food insecurity. “There is, however, a good synergy of people in Greensboro who want to help,” Lacklen admitted.

“I’m real excited about it. I get real excited; I’ve been here basically my entire life. I’ve seen how it has been stagnant over the years, and I feel like we are really on the cusp of lots of good energy. I’d love to see an incubator kitchen here. Basically it is a giant kitchen where you could rent space, having the ability to support local chefs and visionaries who need a platform.” !