by Rebecca Harrelson


Wearing a bright red tee emblazoned with “336” that he designed himself, Mitch Cook has a casual nature and burning passion for his dreams.

Graduating from UNC Greensboro with a degree in Graphic Design, Cook worked internships that have taken him to Wilkesboro, New York City and Charlotte, ultimately ending up in Greensboro.

Cook was recently given the opportunity to create the mural in the new Crafted:

The Art of Street Food. It all happened through networking here in town. This seemed too good to be true for Cook. “Kris found me through a couple different people, and asked if I wanted to do the murals in the new restaurant.”

Cook remembers thinking, “is this real?” but said it was a great opportunity.

“When I was a freshman, I met this guy in an art class. I wore a 686 shirt and we essentially met and clicked over an item of clothing. We both wanted to design our clothing and had a lot of the same interests.” Cook has now started his company, The Escape Committee.

“Honestly I don’t really think there is a huge art scene here, I’ve been trying to find organizations, I guess, that have a common goal of making the city better. Like the ‘Create Your City’ thing I mean I’ve been waiting five, six, seven years for something like that to come up, and it’s been here doing work for a while “¦ people just don’t know about it,” he said.

Cook also works at Marshall Free House, a local restaurant. “I try to wear as many hats as possible. I don’t really know what I’m working on that day until I wake up. If I have canvasses I might work on those “” the design thing, obviously I’m really big into that. But working at a computer three weeks in a row “¦ I have to mix it up.”

As for Cook’s future plans and projects, “I’m looking at doing another wall. I’m hoping the exposure from Crafted will be really cool. Eventually I want to have a show. I’ve got a bunch of paintings that are just chillin’ at my house. I’m trying to break out of NYP and local coffee shops.”!