Execution is in the eye of the beholder. “I’m different perhaps in that I’m not looking for everything now.” Atiba Berkley’s drive to bring the music and arts scene to new heights is not easily overlooked. He is doing more than sitting around his community complaining.

Berkley works for the City of Greensboro, GSO Parks and Rec, City Arts, and Forsyth County as an independent agent at many different venues in Greensboro. His determination is apparent in his interview. “I can wait for funding. I can wait for it to be the right opportunity. I can wait for it to be the right artists. I will always work while I wait and in the end I typically find myself ready when the next opportunity presents itself.” Berkley, from Brooklyn, New York, and raised in both New England and in the South, attended three high schools, three middle schools, and three elementary schools switching states almost as often. His focus is obvious, “I want to expose the community to a wider range of artistic expression.

I’d like to be a leader in our Arts community. Someone with a wide vision and experience to back up and execute that vision.” Working through obstacles the city places in front of most individuals, Berkley touches on his biggest dilemma and what he has learned so far. “The largest obstacle is funding. I’ve learned how to set realistic goals and expectations. I’ve learned how to network and follow up with people. Now I am working on diversifying my efforts.” While working in the event and arts industry, he has his hands full at home with three children and was recently married. “I want to leave a legacy for my children.

I want them to travel the world and come home to a culturally diverse, open-minded city. One that expresses all of its parts publicly and with acceptance. I want them to come home to a community that pulls up those in need and acknowledges that we are only as good as our weakest member.” !